6 Simple Incantations

An Extraordinary Life Comes From an Extraordinary Psychology

You can’t control the outside world but you can control your inner one. You can't control the events of your life but you can control what they mean to you Develop a vision compelling future that excites and inspires you and focus on it daily

Six Very Simple but Powerful Incantations that you can use daily:

  1. Every day in every way I continue to grow stronger and stronger
  2. All that I need is within me now
  3. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels
  4. At last at Last the past is past I've Broken free and won and now it’s time to love myself and really have some fun
  5. With each and every breathe I take, with each and every stride, I feel abundant centered joy and love from deep inside
  6. Day by day I live my Life with joy and harmony I share my gifts my dreams my heart and love has set me free.
Incantations are a very powerful way to plant the seeds of abundance in your subconscious mind where the soil of your life is. If you plant weeds then weeds will grow but if you plant good things then that is what you will reap. The universe knows nothing of good or bad only men label things that way. No matter what you plant the universe will devote an equal amount of energy to help the seed grow. It is up to you to determine what you will allow to grow in your subconscious mind. When you are using these incantations or affirmations it is very important to focus on three very important things
  1. Your Physiology: (What you Do with your body) If you are depressed then it took a lot of work to get that way. Imagine how a depressed person looks in your imagination; their face there body there all over demeanor. They would have a frown on their face and probably their shoulders are hunched. Now imagine that you are powerful and successful and happy then imagine how you would stand and walk and talk and smile. If you are in a peak physical state then the rest of you will follow. Your mood and your attitude will begin to reflect your physiology and it takes no more work than it takes to be depressed.
  2. Focus and Beliefs: What you focus on is what you will eventually believe... and ultimately what you believe will become your reality. Whatever you truly believe in your heart and soul will become real in time so it is important to focus on what you want to manifest.
  3. The Language that you use: Thinking is only mentally asking and answering a series of questions within yourself. Eliminate habitual questions that do not serve you. Different phrases and words can affect the way that you feel and can influence your mood. If someone says to you "I think you’re mistaken" you may react one way if someone says to you "You Are Wrong" it can create a different emotion. If someone says to you "I think your Lying" that can create an even deeper emotion. Words have the power to affect the deepest parts of our being how we feel, how we perceive our live so use them with caution and respect.
In order to become aware of what is shaping your life you must make it a conscience exercise and begin to police these aspects of your life. Become aware; at any moment throughout your day ask yourself these questions. What am I doing with my Body? - What am I focusing on or believing? - What am I saying to myself?

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